Verve Estate Chardonnay

Situated at an elevation of 65 metres with a north-west orientation, the vineyard has a great airflow, which minimises disease pressure as the canopy dries quickly. The soil profile is made up of 20% sand, 65% silt and 15% clay. These sandy loams are also known as brown chromosols and are defined by their moderate fertility and water holding capacity. Verve shows distinctive grapefruit & lemon on the nose alongside some mineral components. The palate almost gives you the illusion of richness due to the intensity of the fruit, then the crisp, dry finish kicks and lingers in an extended aftertaste.


Chardonnay (P58, 95, 96, I10)
Soil Type
Sandy Loam
Farming Practices
Vinification Method
Fruit is ‘wholebunch’ pressed directly into old barrels (7+years), by gravity alone. Over 3-6 weeks the juice goes through a natural – no yeast added - fermentation. The wine is then held in barrel, in the cellar until October. It is consolidated into tank for blending.